Perfect skin?!

img_7068Perfect skin?! Um not quite I have my breakouts here and there especially when that time of the month is near (if you know what I mean) but I’ve been through it all severe acne, dark circles, bloating you name it all. What helped me?  I started to drink warm lemon water as soon as I’m up and ready to start the day. Heat the water in a pan and squeeze three drops of lemon; drinking this helps to rehydrate your body and to help flush out the toxins in the digestive system. After 30 minutes I would have aloe Vera and pineapple juice how do I make it? Just cut a little peice of aloe Vera and cut a small piece of pineapple blend it up and drink it (note:make a tiny shot of this not a big amount!) this is a remedy for bloating or any kind of indigestion in the stomach. Aloe Vera is known to be a very healthy plant it is a cooling factor for the stomach and the pineapple is honestly to add flavor in the juice as a sweetener but pineapple as well has many health benefits such as loads of vitamins which is a plus. After another 30 minutes I would have my green juice. I started drinking green juice made with papaya leaf, kale, cucumber, aloe Vera, celery and dates (or any sweet fruit you prefer like grapes or pineapple) papaya leaf is well known to cure many illness such as high fever, cancer, diabetes and much more. It is a bitter leaf similar taste to bitter melon but I use it as a body cleanse in my juice. Kale is a well known factor to be used in green juice. The  health benefit is that it’s great for helping with digestion and contains many vitamins such as B6, calcium, magnesium etc… Cucumber is a cooling factor in the juice, it fights heat both inside and out and it supplies skin friendly minerals. Celery is an excellent source of antioxidants and has beneficial enzymes in addition to many vitamins and minerals. Dates helps to strengthen the bones, boost the nervous system, prevents abdominal cancer and helps to maintain a healthy weight.

Keep in mind I don’t have this schedule everyday. Days that I don’t drink green juice I will have fruits and eat cabbage salad to help reduce the fat in the foods I intake, but everyday I try my best to make the lemon water and aloe Vera with pineapple juice since it helps with my stomach bloating problems. I would say I have green juice atleast once a week or every other day if I’m good. My face has gotten clearer no bloating problem and you get this natural skin glow. One product that I could tell you is my everyday go to is a syrup called Safi. This is a all natural blood purifier which contains, Sana purge (not my name lol it’s pronounced differently) it’s to help keep the stomach clear and prevent skin problems, revand chini that helps to purify the blood and improves liver function also helps to promote cell repair, neem leaf it helps to clean the blood and cures skin diseases, chiraita purfies the blood and keeps it toxin free and last but not least it contains tulsi leaf which improves blood circulation and helps your skin to glow. The bottle says to mix two teaspoons of the syrup in a glass of water but I prefer to take it separately. Keep in mind everyone is different what works for me might or might not work for you so before you try this syrup make sure you are not allergic to the ingredients in it. Wish you all a successful clear skin journey😉❤️


10 thoughts on “Perfect skin?!

  1. I’ve heard a lot about the lemon water thing!! I’m just worried it’ll irritate my stomach lining since it’s acidic and it’ll basically be the first thing I drink. Did you experience anything like that?

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    1. The lemon water is alkaline which is good for the entire body it helps with your skin as well also it heals the stomach and builds back your immune system when it’s down but you can’t drink it everyday drink it at least 3-4 times a week don’t eat food as soon as you finish drink it at least after 30 minutes and also make sure the water is warm I also have acid problems and thought lemon water would give me acid but it didn’t just make sure it’s only 3 drops you add to the warm water


  2. I love to hear that you’re using natural means to cure skin problems! I believe that medicine can only help surface-level, while herbs and other natural ways can truly cure issues from the inside! Green juice is also a great way to stay healthy and it has just wonderful effects.

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