My Hoily Grail Hair&Skin Products.

These are my ultimate holy grail face and hair products. Let’s start out with hair. Leyla Milani hair products are amazing the first time I tried it I fell in love with my hair again. Product number one “big hair don’t care”, this product gives me a nice volume on my hair it doesn’t matter if I’m styling my hair or not. Even if it’s just clean dry hair just sprinkle a small amount where you would like to volumize and your good to go. Just note that a little bit goes a long way best part of it is that it’s invisible! No stress if the product will show or not that’s a plus. Product number two the miracle brush, it is truly a miracle brush for me. Say goodbye to tangles and frizzy hair. This brush is basically a de tangled brush and helps frizz control and leaves your brushed hair smooth silky, shiny and fuller gives my hair lots of volume. The brush is nice and gentle which is great; Who wants a rough brush to brush out their tangles ouch not me! Product number 3 leyla milani comb. This comb is so strong so many times it fell nothing happened. It’s very flexible and parts my hair perfectly. Product number 4 the volumizing dry shampoo. As you all know it’s not good to shampoo your hair often once a week or every 4-5 days is good, so in between this is a life savor. It helps to take out excess oil, cleans and helps to freshen up your hair; It’s a great fast way to clean your hair. The product doesn’t show on your hair all you have to do is gently massage the area you are spraying the product on to. Product number 5 glosslocks. What do I not love about this product?! It’s alcohol free, weightless, gives you UV protection and helps control frizz. What I love is that this product is made with different oils it smells so heavenly as if you have hair made out of candy😍 Even though this product has oils in it it makes your hair look shiny but is not oily on your hair at all. The shine lasts up to 6 hours you could always retouch hair depending on how shiny you like it. Even if you don’t retouch you will still be amazed from the product no frizz noticeable and hair nice and smooth👍🏼 Product number 6 “Rescue me” argan oil restorative hair mask. This mask does wonders to my hair. After I shampoo my hair I towel dry it then apply a generous amount of this product to my hair especially in between my roots. I leave it on for ten minutes then wash it off this helps to strengthen my hair, restores elasticity, hydrates hair and even helps to repair damaged hair. This product is color and extensions safe. Paraben free and salt free. You could use this product once a week, as your hair improves use less frequently. Product number 7 Bloating papers (it could be any brand) I am oily at my t- zone so bloating papers helps me to take off the excess oil in my skin and gives it a matte finish. Product number 8 my Foreo. Aaahhh this product is just the bomb🙌🏼 It helps to clean my face takes off excess dirt and oil is very gentle on the skin and nicely massages your face making you feel your at the spa. Once you charge your foreo you are good to go for 6 months plus which is amazing. I don’t need to worry about the charge thinking oh no it might need to charge any sec. I love the fact this works without battery and that it’s cordless. I’ve tried many other facial cleansers but so far this is my favorite. Did I mention it also helps with makeup removal I apply my makeup removal cleanser and just rub the foreo on to my skin and there you have it clean makeup free skin. Product number 9 Germaine de Capuccini purexpert gel cream. This face cream is great for dry and oily skin it’s oil free but very hydrating. When you first apply this cream on your face it will look as if you have oil on it but once it settles down the oily look will go away and you will have a nice glowing look to your face. This is great for oily skin it helps control the area that you are oily and gives you a nice finish. Product number 10 Germaine de capuccini purexpert cleansing gel. This face wash is great for any type of skin oily,acne prone, dry you name it. This face wash cleanses your face removes excess oil and dirt and is very gentle on your face it doesn’t burn like how some washes does and it doesn’t sting it’s very light and very gentle but does it’s job great. These are my holy grail must have products that I seriously can’t live without it gives me life (no joke) hope you guys enjoyed and hope this helped some of you in face and hair product shopping. Normally I would say what is good for me might not be good for you but that does not refer to this, because all of these products are for any type of hair and skin and I’m sure it’ll work wonders for you too. 💁🏼💋


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