This Time Last Year…

This time last year was my dad’s birthday surprise cruise trip to the Bahamas. How did I plan it? Well I said to myself what can I give to dad that is different something that he doesn’t have; then it came up to me, why not I plan a cruise since I’ve never been on one and neither has dad ever been on one. I was thinking where should we go then I said to myself let us go to a country that is close by but will also be relaxing. Bahamas it was! I spoke to the travel agent over the phone and booked the tickets. From New York we took a flight to Miami and then from there we collected our luggage and took a Norwegian cruise shuttle that took us to the harbor. As we reached they took name tags of our luggage and said that it will be sent to our rooms. When I first saw the ship I was confused and shock at the same time. It was literally like a huge building. I didn’t know where to go first haha so we went to the open bar buffet to have an early brunch. The buffet was nice and had many things to choose from I was amazed how they had “dhal” which is an Indian lentil dish it tasted as good as homemade so that helped me from not getting homesick even though the cruise was just for 3 days😝. I had the most amazing pinacolda ever! It was to die for. After stuffing our faces we started walking around the ship and we saw how they were doing this warm welcome for the passengers dancing, doing competitions, more food you name it. At this time we were still in the Miami harbor. Slowly slowly it started to move. Honestly we weren’t feeling anything like how you can’t feel when your driving when you got good shocks and horse power. It was way better than that. It’s like you can’t even tell you are moving only if you look out then you could tell oh well I’m passing that so I’m moving πŸ˜‚. After some time we went to catch something light to eat then went to our rooms to take a rest. All of a sudden an alarm turns on, where we had to go to the deck. In my mind I’m thinking oh no πŸ€¦β€β™‚οΈ what’s going on, will this be like the Titanic. The whole trip I had that on my mind. Fortunately that was just a drill. They put us in different groups and explained to us what to do when if an emergency occurs; and of course how to put your life jacket on. It was basically like what they do on planes as a safety announcement. After that annoying and boring long lecture then we were allowed to go. I was dead tired and just wanted to go and knock out but it wasn’t that simple for me. As I reach my room and layed down I just couldn’t sleep. The bed was comfy but I felt the movement in the bedroom which was really odd and it was like I’m in a moving room which disturbed me but eventually I got use to it and slept like a baby. The next morning aaah is this a dream? We arrived at our first stop Freeport Bahamas.

As you could see I’m wearing long sleeves and so is that guy in the video. Freeport wasn’t really the weather I expected it to be. It was quite chilly and I just had to change. The water was freezing but I was tempted to touch it. I don’t know when I’m coming back. When we asked the locals around why is it cold they said just last week it was really warm but it all made sense to me how that’s a country that is from the northern side of America it has to get chilly some time. I was really upset that day and especially from the travel agent how she told me it’s super warm. But I still tried to make the most out of it and went on a tourist group drive as you could see from the second video. While he was driving he was telling us know facts about the country. He took us to a perfume factory, showing us how the perfumes are being made. Some of the fragrances smelled amazing. He then took us to see the local homes and how people are living. We didn’t come out for that the driver just showed us and then he took us to a beach. Each place he took us to we had a time limit about 1-2 hours depending on what we want as well. What’s in the third post? The worlds best pineapple soda. So grateful of the travel agent for letting me know about this she said it’s a must try, and it sure was. I bought 10 to take back home as well. I regret not buying more.😭 The ship gave us about 8 hours to go out and explore but you gotta make it back on time. One thing about me I hate time limits but fortunately it was more than enough to see things enjoy and come back. After that normal routine shower and eat. Everyday they would have different things added to the menu in the buffet and if you didn’t make the lunch buffet on time then there would be an outdoor snack buffet which didn’t really have food just things to munch on. We were craving sea food yes there was many dine in restaurants but I didn’t really want to go there and would have to wait forever since the line was long. I thought about room service. I went back in the room and saw this amazing menu and yes they had my grill salmon. The room service was super quick and affordable. The fee was just $7.00 and didn’t matter how much and what you ordered. I was very pleased from the food was excellent service and food was divine. We were in the Norwegian Sky which is not even the biggest ship out of all of them it’s the middle one the worlds biggest Norwegian ship is Norwegian Escape which came out middle of last year. So yes in our ship it was really easy to go up and down and not ending up getting lost or scared. I got use to it in just one day. I got so use to the ship started feeling it was my home πŸ™ˆπŸ™‰πŸ™Š

That’s the baby we were on, yes it looks huge. I’m not bragging to say it’s small but I swear it’s not the biggest one out there. So next was our second stop which was also known as my favorite stop Atlantis, Nassau, Bahamas. What did I not love about this stop?!

Got to swim at the beach,did a city tour and best part of all was the shopping. Once you show your American passport or ID. Card no tax will be charged I mean what else can a girl as for?!πŸ› Nassau is famous for Atlantis hotel we went there and I really wanted to go to the water park but the workers were so honest they said you could go, but there wouldn’t be that many people since the water was cold. I mean common hats off to their honesty if it was somewhere else they would lie just to get money. Okay now last but not least the final stop which also happens to be dad’s birthday. Norwegian private island you heard that right private island! So as we reached the ship stopped in the middle of the beach and a small boat came to pick up the passengers since the water was too shallow for the ship to be parked near that island.


Buffet at the beach! Was amazing expect the part where the birds started to eat my food and I had to go back for secondsπŸ˜‚ I really love how Norwegian took care of us anything we needed the workers would do their best in making it happen. That was really sweet. After eating I had to get my virgin pina colada. I mean it won’t be everyday that I’m sipping my favorite drink in a private island even though that’s a dream come true. After that we started walking around the private island and I saw this cute market and many mini beach areas where you can swim. One area literally looked like a pool that was the only area I was able to enjoy swimming without fearing waves or those ugly hard rocks and the water was not as cold as the other places.Β 

Now what? So it’s time to head back to the ship so we wait for the tender (the boat that takes us back) everyone is freezing cold and super tired just wanting to go back to their rooms.

It’s time! The cake has arrived I quickly hid it and got ready, wrote dad’s card and blew up some balloons knocked on his door. Dad’s expression was full of surprise and happiness.

After dad cut his cake and took pictures we walked around the ship to the stores, especially the gift shop. We did some perfume shopping and enjoyed the night. It’s morning time and where are we? Back to Miami harbor it is! Time to do last minute packing up and we are headed out to catch the coach bus to take us to the airport.

Back to the grind and home sweet home🏑❀
Hope you guys enjoyed my first traveling blog many more to come I promise xoxo



33 thoughts on “This Time Last Year…

  1. It’s a great post. I would use less media because it’s a bit confused. Try to share videos and pictures or write two articles. Once a video report and the other a description. But I think it’s really good. Keep it up! I wish you the best.

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  2. Nice travel post. I would recommend breaking your writing into paragraphs so that it is not a single wall of text. It will be easier to read. It sounds like you had a fun trip! Look forward to hearing more of your travel stories!

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  3. Very detailed and a lovely post on travelling and experience sharing 😊 You have captured each aspect of your journey so well! Bahamas is on my wishlist πŸ˜ƒ Cheers !

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  4. Hi I too agree with Travellers Dave and his words Sana don’t feel bad at all cause simply marvelous was you beautiful presentation but it is very long. Keep it short and you can break this post in different posts instead of keeping in one post. This is just my opinion pl dont feel bad you r doing a great job.

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  5. You asked for feedback over on my Learning from Dogs blog. Well all I would say is to pay close attention to what your readers like and dislike. For instance many of the responses to this post loved your writing. As was said back in my days of being a sales and marketing consultant: all the answers are in the marketplace!

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