The Beautiful Barbados🇧🇧🔷🇧🇧

The shortest yet best family vacation ever. On May 14 2017 after midnight, Dad suddenly said Sana let’s go on a mini vacation it’ll be a treat for your birthday, your moms, and Mother’s Day. I said yay why not.

 My duty was to do the searching and get the booking going after searching here and there I landed upon Expedia never used it before but was amazed by the great deals they had I saw one just perfect for us. So I quickly booked it. We packed our bags and left home about 6pm to make it on time for the flight at 8. I know what your thinking by now they are very last minute people but hey at least it was just a 50 minute flight from Trinidad and Tobago. And we had lots of time to pack since the flight was in the evening 😂. But not going to lie it was my first ever last minute trip planning. 

So as we landed 🛬 to Barbados International Airport in Bridgetown, we see this person dressed up in a suit holding up our names. We followed him he sent us through the “fast track” service which is basically to skip through the immigration line. I was amazed already apparently the place I booked is a very high standard place so whoever stays there gets that treatment which is just awesome 👏🏼. He helped us get our luggage and gave us a couple of tourism booklets to go through and told us about places we should visit. He then got a maxi for us to take us to our Villa/Apt. Mind you the whole maxi was for us. Maxi is basically a taxi but a bigger version with more seats. 

The drive was quite long but was so excited as well. As we reached Our villa Port Ferdinand Marina at Six Mens, Speightstown, St. Peter Barbados. Guards opened this huge black&gold gate for our maxi to enter. As we came out a server was there with hot towels for us to freshen up. Our villa manager Mr. Roger lead us to our villa. He showed us around and told us about activities and what we have accessed here etc. 

It was so kind of them to leave a tray of cheese platter and bottles of sparkiling water for us in the fridge. We were starving and everything closes early in Barbados. Not going to lie at the beginning everything felt so big and huge. It was alittle scary at first too but the second day I was use to it maybe too comfy that I felt it was my home and never wanted to leave haha. My parents were really impressed with the place I made the booking for. Their reactions were priceless. I was so happy to see them happy and enjoying.​

The top video was my room the second room looked exactly the same. The middle picture is the cheese platter I was talking about, and the last picture is the kitchen and the laundry room to the left. 

Even though it was a short trip I wanted to break down this trip into two blog posts so you guys could enjoy it more and so I’m able to post more pictures. 

Stay tuned for my Barbados blog post numerous dos. 😘 


6 thoughts on “The Beautiful Barbados🇧🇧🔷🇧🇧

  1. That looks like a nice room. We usually use AirBnB when we travel. It is not as elaborate as what you enjoyed, but it is with local people, often in their homes. I have never been to Barbados.

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